My Experience of Aikido

First of all, we are very lucky that Sensei Paritos Kar had decided to settle and to open his dojo in New Delhi. Besides that fact that he is a highly qualified Aikido instructor, he is very sincere, dedicated and spiritual person, possessing great inner energy – “breath power”, as he calls it. Many thanks to Sensei for giving us the opportunity to learn real traditional Japanese Aikido in our home town.

Aikido is a defensive martial art with graceful circular movements and potentially deadly techniques. It is amazing to observe how easily newcomers take to Aikido (though it is considered to be one of the most technically difficult martial arts) and get assimilated into it.

I am very new to Aikido and in a very short period of time I experienced its positive influence. I feel more at peace and relaxed, both physically and mentally, and definitely much more energetic, despite intensive training. Being a woman, I would recommend Aikido to women – it will boost their self-confidence and shatter their “weaker sex” complex. I regularly attend early morning classes and for me this is the most enjoyable way to start my day.

I sincerely wish to Sensei Kar all success in his mission to popularize Aikido in India. May this “Path of Harmony with the Universal Energy” becomes a way of life for many people.

Yulia Pal
(July’ 2005)

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