“The Way of the Warrior is One of Love and Peace…”

Aikido! The martial Way!! My first introduction to Aikido came from Under Seige 2 (read: Steven Segal) as probably is the case with many other across the globe.

I looked high and dry for a sensei who had been to Japan and trained there and could actually cater to his students like a father does for his child. I believe very strongly in Karma and that things happen when the time is right and one day while surfing the net I came to know about Kar sensei. The rest as they very popularly say in literature is “History”.

The thing I liked best about Aikido and also what it differentiates it from other martial arts is that not only is it an effective and deadly form of self-defense. It also nurtures and enhances internal power.

For a person who was in his 24th summer it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only was I physically in better shape and stronger, I was much more confident about myself. I could actually feel myself much more content and at peace.

Events in my life which still hurt were healed. In place of the hurt, pain, restlessness and helplessness there was calm and serene peace. I feel cued on to my surroundings much more, so much more that at times one can almost deduce the logical conclusions of most with precision. I guess that’s what throughout the ages has been referred to as foresight.

It was during my aikido classes and my interaction with my sensei the realization set in that the “the way of the warrior” as popularly we believe is not one of violence but of love and peace; a warrior is not someone who fights but achieves absolute victory without fighting.

Aikido is the Budo (Martial Way) of Absolute Victory. A true warrior lives in accordance with the principles and workings of the universe. And I intend to be a true warrior!!!:-)

Sajan Nair
(July’ 2005)

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