Welcome to the Official website of the New Delhi Aikido Dojo!

Established in November’ 2004, our dojo is promoting traditional Aikikai style Aikido in India.

The New Delhi Aikido Dojo was opened by Sensei Paritos Kar in November 2004, inaugurated by an Aikido demonstration by Mr. K. Sakurai, an Aikikai Hombu Dojo 7th Dan. The dojo in New Delhi is one of the most active Aikido schools in India with 12 classes a week. As of the Summer of 2018 there are more than thirty active students. Many of the current students have experience in other martial arts. At the dojo all kinds of people, men and women, Indian and international students, train together cooperatively.

Sensei Paritos Kar has a 6th Dan Black Belt from Aikikai Hombu Dojo, is the founder and chief instructor of this Aikido school. Based on his 10 years of training in the Aikikai Headquarters, Japan, he is presently one of the most experienced Aikido instructors in India.

This organisation is recognised by Aikikai head quarter of Japan.

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